You know how to balance electric car is working?
Publisher: sfe Begin Time: 2017/1/16

        Now look at how is the balance of electric cars running, when people standing in the bus, need is parallel to the car. At this time the sensor and gyro them mainly for the purpose of the car to stop working. When the center of your body forward, the body has an obvious degree of tilt. So you can achieve very balanced feeling. And the safety of the electric balance car it is very guaranteed. And sensors are measured when driving. So this is the safest.
        Car need is running, is known to all, of course, need is its two wheels, but the balance control of electric vehicle when it is a skill. Is mainly by motor driven by gear box slowly. Therefore need to do is to control the motor speed to control the speed of the wheel, and the main is through the effective control of the motor line current. So it can control effectively.
        Who is in effective control of electric vehicle, simple, main is through the acceleration and Angle sensor is the two ways. Acceleration sensor it is mainly because the attraction of the earth or objects are at the time of movement of fast, only need to do is to measure the speed of a, so what is the Angle can be measured by car. Angular velocity sensor, the first is to signal processing, can be reached that the dip Angle. But the main is the gyroscope is noise it has, if you've been integral, so it could cause is the drift Angle, so can't is separate gyroscope is used to obtain the integral.