Three factors determine the balance of the car's popularity
Publisher: sfe Begin Time: 2017/1/16

        Smart car balance as early as 10 years ago began to enter China, but because of high prices, only in some upscale houses, golf courses, auto club able to meet them. Recently, more and more Chinese enterprises began to launch the intelligent balanced car independent brand, localization make the balance of the car body is light, operating more simple, the most important thing is to put the prices down dramatically, buy an asteroid to 180 thousand before, now more than ten thousand yuan, or even several thousand dollars can buy a, "which is the price of an iphone, malicious and cruel, bought it, using high-tech walking, won the recency, perhaps, carelessly, girlfriend went home." Young people would say so.
Three factors determine the balance of the car's popularity:
        1, the battery costs have fallen, like electric balance for lithium iron phosphate batteries are the most commonly used battery products, new energy vehicles as new energy automobile production capacity has increased, in fact the battery cost has been reduced a lot.
        2, balance technology to lower the threshold, the era of dominating the world, balancing technology is a critical threshold, now has nine highest axis of gyroscope, the sensor technology matures, to provide a better experience provides a unicycle.
        3, the two key role is to lower cost, the other a little bit, the rise of mobile Internet and intelligent hardware to each application scenario provides a lot of imagination, roadside has gradually through the phone App for data sharing, remote sensing, and so on.